Klarna Payments

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About the plugin


Klarna merchant account

Before you can set up and use Klarna in Shopware, you need to open a merchant account with Klarna. A separate account in the Klarna Playground is required to be able to place test orders. Our Merchant Support will be happy to help you with the activation of payment methods and countries.

Technical requirements

To be able to install the Klarna plugin, you need an executable Shopware 6 environment. You can find installation instructions for this under First steps with Shopware 6.

Klarna's systems must be able to access your store in order to send payment updates. Pay particular attention to this if you have activated a password query (htpasswd) in front of your site.

The following system requirements of the plugin apply:

  • Shopware (version >= 6.3)
  • PHP (version >= 7.2)
  • Complete installation of Shopware (storefront and administration, not headless)

Installation & Setup

Installation via Shopware First Run Wizard

Shopware first run wizard Klarna is a preferred payment provider in Shopware 6. During the installation of Shopware, you have the option of loading the Klarna plugin into your Shopware installation with a simple click. After installing Shopware, you will be guided through the Shopware 6 setup wizard. The so-called First Run Wizard actively supports you in setting up the Klarna plugin. To do this, select your country under "Plugins" and then "Payment" and then select the Klarna plugin by clicking on the "Install" button. Then click on "Next" to continue with the Shopware First Run Wizard.

Installation via Administration

If you decide to install the Klarna plugin after the First Run Wizard, you can register the Klarna plugin for your store domain (or store domains) free of charge in the Shopware Community Store at https://store.shopware.com. Klarna im Shopware Community Store To do this, follow the instructions at https://store.shopware.com/dein-weg-zum-plugin. After you have licensed the plugin, you will find it in the administration under Settings > System > Plugins > Purchases. Then click on "Download" next to the Klarna plugin to download it to your Shopware installation.

Installation via direct download in the Community Store

In Shopware 6, you also have the option of manually uploading a plugin to your installation. You can do this in the administration via Settings > System > Plugins > Upload plugin. To do this, download the ZIP archive of the plugin via https://account.shopware.com and upload it to your installation. You can find instructions on how to obtain the ZIP archive at https://store.shopware.com/en/how-to-find-the-plugin. If you have not yet licensed the plugin, you can register the Klarna plugin for your store domain (or store domains) free of charge in the Shopware Community Store at https://store.shopware.com/en. To do this, follow the instructions at https://store.shopware.com/en/how-to-find-the-plugin

Activating the plugin

Install Klarna plugin Once you have successfully loaded the Klarna plugin into your Shopware 6 installation, you can now set it up and activate it. To do this, go to the overview of your plugins in Shopware Administration. You can access this via Settings > System > Plugins. Here you will find the Klarna plugin in a delivery state. Select the menu item "Install" via the context menu ("..."). You will receive a success message from Shopware that the plugin has been successfully installed. For your security, the plugin is now installed, but not yet activated, as you must first optimize it with your access data and individual settings.


Klarna Plugin Wizard After installation, the Klarna plugin can be configured initially. To do this, we will guide you through an installation routine. To access this, first activate the plugin using the slider. Once the plugin has been activated, you can call up the installation routine in the form of a wizard in the administration via Settings > Plugins > Klarna. You will then be redirected to the routine. In the "Sales channel" menu item of the wizard, you have the option of assigning the Klarna payment methods to all or only certain sales channels: If you want the Klarna plugin to be available for all your sales channels, then you can skip this setting, as the default selection is "all sales channels". However, if you only want the Klarna plugin to be available for a specific sales channel, select the channel for which it should be configured from the drop-down menu in the "Sales channel" field. Further channels are only possible after the wizard has been completed.

Finally, click on "Done" to save all the wizard settings you have made. of the wizard. You will then be redirected to the plugin configuration. The wizard can be opened again in the plug-in configuration by clicking the "Start wizard" button.

Plugin configuration

Once you have successfully completed the wizard, you can adjust the plugin configurations. If you want to adjust the configuration again at a later date, you can call up the plugin configuration again in the administration via Settings > Plugins > Klarna.

If you want to save all settings on this page, click on the blue "Save settings" button at the top right.


Klarna Plugin Configuration Saleschannel Here you specify whether the following settings should apply to "all sales channels" or only to certain individual sales channels.

Global API settings

Klarna Plugin Global API Settings

API test mode

Here you can activate and deactivate the API test mode. If this is activated, only test orders are created. No payments are made which, for example, debit an account. This mode is particularly recommended for testing the functionality of the plugin, for updates or when setting up your store for the first time, as well as in development or staging environments. The API test mode should be deactivated as soon as you want to use your store productively.

Debug mode

Here you can activate and deactivate the debug mode. If this is activated, you can track all inputs, outputs and changes to the plugin in the Klarna plugin log.

API settings

Klarna Plugin API Settings Europe Klarna Plugin API Settings North America

API username and API password

Enter your API access data for live and test mode in the appropriate sections here. If you do not have your access data to hand, you can retrieve it at https://eu.portal.klarna.com/. You can check your API access data using the "Test API access data" button in the header area. You will then receive a success message or an indication of which data does not appear to be correct. If you have not yet completed Klarna registration or your Klarna customer number does not begin with Kxxxxxx, please contact us by e-mail at [email protected]

Europe and North America

Enter the corresponding access data for Europe and/or North America depending on the desired sales countries for your store. If you only offer sales for one region, it is sufficient to leave the input fields for the other region empty. The access data to be used is based on the billing country.

The North America region currently only supports the United States of America. Please note that this country has the ISO code "US" configured in your store.

Please note that you may need different access data to use multiple regions. Please contact Klarna merchant support for this.

Basic settings

Klarna On-Site Messaging

Klarna On-Site Messaging Here you can activate and deactivate Klarna On-Site Messaging. If you already have data for this, you can fill in the fields for the script and the snippet (placement) for Klarna On-Site Messaging. If you do not have any data, you can create data by clicking on "Generate your data here".

Klarna on-site messaging is only displayed on the product detail page. When using financing placements, the amount must be output via a variable, otherwise no placement will be displayed.

<!-- Placement v2 -->
<!-- end Placement -->

It is essential to ensure that {{productPrice}} is used without spaces between the curly brackets.

Payment behaviour

Klarna Payment behaviour

Automatic capture

Here you can choose between "Delivery status", "Order status" or deactivate automatic entry. If you have selected "Delivery status" or "Order status", a further selection appears in which you can specify at which "Delivery status" (e.g. sent, partially sent, open, etc.) or "Order status" (e.g. open, in progress, completed, etc.) the outstanding amount is to be recorded automatically. If "deactivate" is selected, no amounts are recorded automatically.

Automatic refund

Here you can choose between "Delivery status", "Order status" or deactivate the automatic refund. If you have selected "Delivery status" or "Order status", a further selection appears in which you can specify the "Delivery status" (e.g. shipped, partially shipped, open, etc.) or "Order status" (e.g. open, in progress, completed, etc.) for which the recorded amount is to be automatically refunded. If "deactivate" is selected, no amounts are automatically refunded. In addition to automatic entry, amounts can also be entered and refunded manually in each order

Payment settings

Klarna Payment settings

Klarna product

Shows whether your Klarna Payments plugin is active. This can only be set via the wizard. To access the wizard, click on the "Start wizard" button at the top of the plugin settings.

Send extra merchant data

This function allows the plugin to transfer additional data from Shopware to Klarna when the user session is created and after the Klarna order has been generated (e.g. in the case of additional fields in the registration process or in the case of hotel bookings)

If you activate this setting, the Klarna logo will appear in the footer of your store. If you do not want this, deactivate this setting.

Use the authorization callback

By activating the authorization callback, the order is created even if there are communication problems on the client side.
Payment methods that require complex customer interactions, such as switching between banking apps, are prone to communication issues. This can result in the customer being charged without the order being created in Shopware. Such errors can affect your store's conversion rates if the customer believes they have completed an order but does not receive confirmation from your site. Activate this option to improve conversion rates.

Klarna Express Checkout

Klarna Express

With the Express Checkout in your online shop, your customers can conveniently complete their purchase from the shopping cart or on the product detail page with a single click, without having to enter lengthy personal information and credit card details.

Requirements for Klarna Express Checkout

Your merchant account must be activated for Klarna Express Checkout and requires a dedicated client key in order to display and use the button. Please contact merchant support for this.

Display settings

The plugin configurations provide you with various options for optimally displaying the button in your store. Please note that all options are predefined by Klarna and no individual options can be added. For individual adjustments to the button, use the CSS class, which can also be stored in the configuration.

Button theme
Default Dark Light
Default Dark Light
Button form
Default Square Oval
Default Square Oval

Configuration in sales channel

Klarna is only available in selected countries, languages and currencies. If other countries or other country-language-currency combinations are configured in the sales channel, Klarna payment methods will not be offered. Please note that the available countries may first have to be activated for your account by merchant support.

Activate/Deactivate plugin

If you would like to activate/deactivate the Klarna Payments plugin or simply want to view the current activation status, go to Settings > System > Plugins in the administration. There you will find the current status in the table under "My plugins". The status can be changed by clicking on the slider.

Install and Re-install plugin

If you want to uninstall the plugin, you can do this in the administration via Settings > System plugins via the context menu ("...") for the plugin by clicking on "Uninstall". The plugin is then still displayed under "My plugins", but it is now deactivated. You now have the options "Install" and "Delete" via the context menu.

  • Install: The plugin is restored with the original configuration. No settings are lost during uninstallation. After installation, however, the plugin still has the status "Deactivated". The status (Activated/Deactivated) can be changed by clicking on the slider.
  • Delete: Only select this option if you really want to delete the plugin permanently. The plugin must first be uninstalled.

Activate/Deactivate payment methods

Klarna Payment methods If the Klarna Payments plugin is activated, you can use all payment methods provided by Klarna for your sales channels. The following payment methods are currently available:

  • Credit card
  • Direct debit ("Online Bank Transfer")
  • Installment purchase ("Financing")
  • Invoice ("Pay Later")
  • Immediate bank transfer ("Direct Debit")

To make certain payment methods available to your customers, go to Settings > Shop > Payment methods. Here you will find all the above payment methods. In the context menu, you can select "Edit" and "Delete":

  • Edit: Here you can adjust the status (Active/Inactive), the logo (note that a Klarna logo is already displayed for each payment method by default in the storefront), the position in the checkout, the description and the availability rule of the respective payment method.
  • Delete: This deletes the payment method completely. After deletion, you can no longer adjust this payment method. If you have deleted a payment method but would like to use it again at a later date, you must reinstall the Klarna Payments plugin via the wizard.

A payment method that has already been used to process payments can only be deactivated.

To activate individual payment types, switch to "Edit" in the context menu. Then click on the "Active" slider to change the activation status. If the status is set to "Active", customers (depending on the availability rules) can then use this payment method in the checkout and process payments using it. Please note that the desired payment methods must also be selected in the sales channels so that customers can use them.

Translate the payment methods

If Shopware is not installed with English as the system language, the payment methods are not translated correctly. This can be easily adjusted manually under Settings > Shop > Payment methods.
Further details on this case can be found in ticket NEXT-12900.

Restriction of the plugin configuration for Showpare and higher

In Shopware and higher, the inheritance of the plugin configuration in individual sales channels cannot currently be displayed correctly. Please note that from Shopware until a corresponding Klarna plugin update, you will therefore have to completely fill in sales channel-specific settings.


Cancellation of an order by the customer

With Shopware 6.2 you have the option to allow your customers to cancel orders via the storefront. You can find this setting in the administration under Settings > Shop > Shopping cart > Allow cancellation.

If the order is canceled via the storefront, Klarna will not issue an automatic refund.

Change of payment method after checkout

Klarna Change of payment method With Shopware 6.2 you have the option to allow your customers to change the payment method after the order has been completed. If you have updated the Klarna plugin before Shopware, this option is deactivated for Klarna payment methods. To enable this function for your customers, go to Settings > Shop > Payment methods in the administration. For each Klarna payment method that you use in your store, navigate to "Edit" via the respective context menu and activate the option "Allow payment method change after order completion".

B2B sale

Selling to other companies with Klarna is only possible in certain countries. See the answer to the question Can I sell to other companies with Klarna? from Klarna merchant support.